U.S. Flood Solutions

Category Company Brochure, Content Marketing, Mailing List and Lead Generation
Industry Flood Plain Management, Flood Consulting
Visit http://www.usfloodsolutions.com
Features Mobile Friendly, Custom Backend, File Uploads
My Role Web Development, Database Development, Graphic Design

Project Notes

Lisa Sharrard of U.S. Flood Solutions has been a client since 2016. She saw the site I built for Nadeau Land Surveys and contacted me to rebuild her existing site. Lisa is an expert in her field and is highly regarded by her clients and colleagues.

This site is a personal branding brochure with several forms for requesting services and additional information. Form submissions are sent to a custom backend where they can be reviewed, responded to and marked as spam.

Graphic Design

My research showed that almost every business of this type uses some kind of house underwater imagery in their logos and branding. It makes sense in some ways and as I struggled to come up with something else, I nearly followed the crowd.

Then I got inspired thinking about the Carolinas and set about creating the header image with Photoshop and a Bamboo tablet.

The image is meant to evoke a tranquil horizon but still give a sense of anxiety like the drowning house pictures do. : )

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