Jim Nadeau Realty

Category Company Brochure, Content Marketing, Mailing List and Lead Generation
Industry Real Estate
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Features Mobile Friendly Web Development, Custom Content Management System

Project Notes

The most important thing to know about this project is that it is the fifth web site I've built for Jim Nadeau since 2009. I'm extremely proud of the number of clients I have who have been with me for ten years or more and I never miss an opportunity to bring it up!

Jim is a talented and accomplished guy. He is one of Maine's top land surveyors, teaches extensively on flood plains and publishes a monthly newsletter with over 14 thousand subscribers.

Jim is also a REALTOR© and rather than partner with a larger firm, Jim opted to open his own real estate agency in 2019.

As a relatively small operator, Jim wanted to present a different type of image than what you normally see on a real estate web site.

Rather than creating something 'salesy' and aggressive, we went for a warm, clean look that uses coastal Maine as its design inspiration.

Like all my sites, Jim Nadeau Realty is built in a modular fashion so we can add new features as the business grows and develops.

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