Services Offered By San Miguel Web Design and Development

While the specifics of what I do vary by client, the heart of my service is consistent. I offer everyone I work with a fresh perspective on their business, help them generate new ideas and discover opportunities that may have gone unnoticed.

I strive to be a valuable collaborator and trusted adviser, using all my experience and knowledge to help my clients reach their goals.

Web Application Development and Graphic Design

My core service is creating web sites for businesses, organizations and individuals. My extensive portfolio includes diverse projects of various sizes and functionality. I have built simple brochure sites, eCommerce sites and massive research repositories containing thousands of unique pages.

I can also help you with printed materials such business cards, brochures and magazines. Just let me know what you need and I will be glad to assist you.

If your requirements are outside my areas of expertise, I know and work with a number of talented programmers, designers and writers that I would be glad to refer you to.

Business Reconnaissance and Market Research

Sure, the web is filled with valuable information that can provide you with a distinct advantage over your competition. The problem is how to find and use it.

Modern data parsing and collection techniques make it possible to store and analyze many types of information in an automated way. Deploying these programs can yield stunning results in a short amount of time.

Automated web agents can also provide you with a way of researching topics far beyond what the standard browser / search engine paradigm can deliver. Imagine the value of a program that will tirelessly search the web for the subjects or items that concern you.

Copywriting and Content Development

Creating a successful web site requires a significant investment in time and resources. The design is a small piece of the overall process. Many clients do not have the time to collect or create all the written content needed to make their site useful and informative.

When we work together, I help shape what information your site presents based on my own experience and your input. When the project requires it, I am able to create content for many topics and fields. As with my other services, I also work with a number of professional writers and can provide you with any level of service you require.

Training and Support

Effective web sites are regularly updated with fresh content and new features. Many clients wish for this work to be performed by internal staff. My background in training and development allows me to teach even web novices the basics of updating sites by adding pages, maintaining blogs and editing content. Support is offered via email, telephone, video conferencing and in person.